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Commercial Sales

Serving professional growers, nurseries, garden centers and more

At Stark Bro's, we are not in the nursery business just to sell trees. We are in the business of growing and selling trees and plants that will be productive and profitable for our customers. For that reason, we have a specialized team that is dedicated to working with businesses and commercial growers interested in large-volume purchases.

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Our staff has extensive experience in growing fruit for commercial sales. We can work with you to evaluate the ins-and-outs of the commercial growing process, from expense and income estimation to location selection and planning.

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Expanded Inventory, More Choices

We have expanded our inventory for 2015-2016! Our selection now includes more than 60 varieties of apple and peach trees, and dozens of other fruit trees, nut trees, ornamental trees, and more. For all of your commercial growing needs, Stark Bro's is the best resource for a wide range of high-quality products.

Stark Bro's has what you need to be a profitable grower. We offer a variety of sizes for your bare-root tree needs.

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Order Requirements

All commercial orders must meet a 50 tree minimum, 10 per variety. Orders of less than 10 trees per variety are available for additional fee.

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