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Garden Wines from Fruits and Berries

[Guest Post by Nan K. Chase, author of Drink the Harvest – and more!]

You don’t have to grow grapes to make wonderful wines at home. All you need is [read more]

Wine Fermentation Corking

Growing Herbs: All About Sweet Bay

Sweet Bay, also called the Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis), is an evergreen shrub whose leaves are often used as a flavorful herb in cooking. Through selective pruning [read more]

Sicilian Sunshine™ Sweet Bay

8 Questions & Answers All About Hops

Discover hops – the common name for both the flowers that develop (called cones) and the bine itself, Humulus lupulus. You read that right – the long stems of the common hop are considered bines [read more]

Hops Bines via Shutterstock

Covering Apple Tree Pollination

Pollination in apple trees is the key to fruit production. Pollen, with the help of wind, birds, and beneficial insects like bees, is [read more]

Blooming Apple Tree

Growing Triploid Apple Trees

Most apple trees are diploids, which means they have two sets of chromosomes; however, there are a few apple varieties that are triploids – with three sets of chromosomes. These trees are [read more]

Jonagold Apple Tree

Tips for Growing Garlic

Garlic originated in central Asia dating back thousands of years. Humans have long since been enjoying garlic as a staple food ingredient as well as medicinal remedy with many uses [read more]

Garlic Late Italian via Shutterstock

Planting and Growing Shallots

Shallots: the “gourmet onion”. They’re like garlic dressed up as an onion with all the flavor of both worlds wrapped up in a humble little package. You may be familiar with shallots by the name [read more]

Dutch Yellow Shallots via Shutterstock

How to Grow Great Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are nutritious, starchy root vegetables. Sweet potato plants are in the same family as morning glories (Convolvulaceae), and are only distantly related to potatoes. Since they are not in the nightshade family (Solanaceae) with potatoes, sweet potatoes are a dietary alternative for people who are [read more]

Different Varieties of Sweet Potato

Pruning Fruit Trees: Central Leader

There are different pruning and training structures for different types of fruit trees. The central leader, or main leader, structure is [read more]

Central Leader

Pruning Fruit Trees: Open Center

Different types of fruit trees benefit from pruning and training to the structures that suit them. Open center pruning is recommended for [read more]

Peach Tree Pruned to Open Center