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Fruit Tree Care: Summer Pruning

Despite being considered “off-season pruning”, summer pruning of fruit trees has its place in the home orchard. For example, summer pruning may be necessary to [read more]

Summer Pruning a Plum Tree

When to Stop Fertilizing & Why

When it comes to fertilizing plants and trees, the package label is a wealth of information for application rates and [read more]

Apple Leaves & New Fruit

4 Benefits of Thinning Fruit Trees

As a fruit-tree grower, you will become familiar with the concept of thinning fruit trees. Thinning is [read more]

Overbearing Plum

Fruit Tree Care: Organic Disease Control

It is possible to have an organic fruit tree orchard. First and foremost, always plant top-quality, healthy nursery stock, and [read more]

Peach Leaf Curl on Peach Leaves

Growing Organic Fruit Trees

Although there are several ways to grow fruit organically, organic fruit growers share this concept: don’t expect [read more]

Organic Jonathan Apples

How to Fertilize Mature Fruit Trees

Well-established mature fruit trees that are in good health tend to thrive regardless of the season. Regular care and maintenance isn’t time consuming, but [read more]

Stark® Orchard Fertilizer

How to Fertilize New Fruit Trees

One of the most important things you can do for new fruit trees is help them to become established in their environment. Once established [read more]

Stark® Tre-Pep® Tree

How To Plant a Rose Bush

Traditionally, roses are symbolic of beauty and love. Rose bushes are attractive additions to any landscape and their blooms come in a wide range of colors. Roses are [read more]

Pink Double Knock Out® Roses

How to Do a Scratch Test on Trees & Plants

When spring finally arrives, plants and trees start to wake up, and the gardening world gets exciting! It is also the time of year to [read more]

Scratch Test Tree (Before)

The Importance of Soil Testing

[guest post by Cristina da Silva]

Why should we test our soils?

Nothing beats eating fresh homegrown fruit, and the best fruit comes when you start your trees off right. There is one thing that we can do  [read more]

Jar Test for Soil Composition