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Posts from the ‘Pests & Disease’ Category

Fruit Tree Care: Organic Disease Control

It is possible to have an organic fruit tree orchard. First and foremost, always plant top-quality, healthy nursery stock, and [read more]

Peach Leaf Curl on Peach Leaves

Growing Organic Fruit Trees

Although there are several ways to grow fruit organically, organic fruit growers share this concept: don’t expect [read more]

Organic Jonathan Apples

Frequently Asked Questions: Periodical Cicadas

What is a periodical cicada?

[read more]

Eastern Cicada

Fruit Tree Care: Spray & Weed Control

Summer is finally upon us, and it’s time to implement a maintenance program for our fruit trees. Pest and disease control, in the form of a well-maintained growing site [read more]

Pie Cherry Tree Needs Weeding

Understanding Fire Blight

[Guest blog post by Judy]

Hello, my fellow fruit-lovers!

It has been very cool and wet here this past spring and summer. Of course, these are ideal conditions for fungal and bacterial diseases [read more]

Fire Blight