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Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards Co.?
We are one of only a handful of companies - in any industry - to make it to the 200-year mark. That achievement is only possible if our products, our people and our way of doing business are better than the rest. We sincerely care about your success as a grower, and consider ourselves a partner in your business ... which is why we'll never leaving you "hanging on a limb." Our service before and after the sale is simply superior.
Is there a minimum tree order?
Yes. All wholesale tree orders must meet a 50-tree minimum/10 per variety.
Are trees sold in bundles?
Yes, all wholesale tree orders are bundled. This applies to every size of every variety. There is a surcharge of $20 for each tree taken out of a bundle, unless you are purchasing the entire lot.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping charges are based upon the number of trees you purchase and how far they have to travel to your destination. Our "Keep It Simple" boxing, shipping and handling fees are listed below.

Keep-it-Simple boxing, shipping and handling

Zone 50-249
A +20.0% +10.0% +5.0% +2.5%
B +22.5% +12.0% +6.5% +5.0%
C +25.0% +15.0% +10.0% +5.5%
D +27.5% +17.5% +12.5% +7.0%
* Ask about pricing for Canadian shipping.
Find your shipping zone on the map below.
Stark Bro's Wholesale Shipping Zones
Will I need to pay a deposit?
In-season, a deposit of 25% of the total order is required on the day the order is booked. If you are pre-booking for a future season, the deposit is due within 30 days of booking the order. (This policy also applies to customers with Stark Bro's-approved credit.) Your trees will be allocated to your order upon receipt of your deposit. Please note that the availability of certain tree sizes and quantities may vary after grading. By paying your deposit now, you assure yourself of "priority status" once the nursery stock becomes available.
Is there a cancellation penalty?
Orders cancelled prior to December 1 are not subject to a penalty. If an accepted order is cancelled after December 1, the 25% deposit is forfeited. All cancellation requests must be confirmed in writing.
Is there a warranty?
Absolutely! If your tree/plant doesn't grow and you notify us before November 1 (following the planting), you have two options: we'll replace the tree - at no charge - and ship it with your next order, or refund the purchase price. Should you want the replacement shipped separately, you would be responsible for any shipping charges.

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Order Requirements

All wholesale orders must meet a 50-tree minimum, 10 per variety. Orders of fewer than 10 trees per variety are available for an additional fee.


25% required with order
25% required within 30 days of order
* Includes Stark Bro's credit customers