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About Stark Bro's

The Beginning

In 1816, James Hart Stark and a small band of pioneers moved from Hutchison, Kentucky. They settled on the western banks of the Mississippi in a place that would later become Louisiana, Missouri. With him, Stark brought a bundle of apple scions from his family orchard. From this bundle grew a thriving nursery business.

James Stark had started a tradition of horticultural excellence. Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards Co. gained world leadership as a developer and promoter of outstanding fruit varieties. The most famous of these are the Stark Red Delicious Apple from 1893 and the Stark Golden Delicious Apple from 1914.

This work of quality and excellence led to an association with famed plant wizard Luther Burbank. After his passing in 1926, Stark Bro's was selected to carry on his work with more than 750 varieties. Today, Stark Bro's holds exclusive propagation rights to many patented varieties of fruit. Paul Stark, Sr. was instrumental in writing U.S. legislation creating plant patents in the 1930s. Stark Bro's continues to use those laws in developing our own new varieties.

Continuing Dedication

In 1994, a large mail-order corporation purchased Stark Bro's. Less than a decade later, during the summer of 2001, that company went out of business. This put most of Stark Bro's dedicated employees out of work. The former employees still took to budding trees in the fields, although they received no pay, as there was no source of income. Not wanting the Stark Bro's legacy to desolate, they grafted and budded every rootstock that remained.

On the, now historic, morning of September 11, 2001 an auction decided the new direction of our historic company. Stark Bro's was once again under family ownership, and it remains one of the oldest businesses in the country.

In 2013, Stark Bro's and Miller Nurseries out of Canandaigua, New York, joined forces. This makes it possible for Stark Bro's to offer our time-honored favorites as well as dozens of new varieties of trees and plants! Stark Bro's is still family owned and dedicated to top quality products and service. Plus Stark Bro's is now the largest online direct-to-consumer nursery company in the country.

Looking Forward

Stark Bro's continues to operate in the tradition of the past 199 years. We intend to be at the forefront of the industry in innovation and productivity. You can look forward to many years of new Stark products to meet your fruit tree, small fruit, nut and landscaping needs in the future. As we move into our third century of operation, look for us. We will be there.