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Primocane Berries

By growing a primocane blackberry or raspberry, you can enjoy twice the fruit from just one plant. Unlike traditional berries, which only produce fruit on the previous year’s growth, these innovative varieties will produce fruit on both previous-year and first-year canes.

Primocane berry plants are perfect for northern growers — if the previous year’s canes are damaged by harsh winters, frost or severe weather, they will still produce a crop on the current year’s canes. If both years’ canes bear fruit, you’ll reap larger and longer harvests of delicious, flavorful berries! Fruit from primocane plants tends to ripen on second-year canes in early summer, while first-year canes will give you a second crop later in the season.

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Primocane Berries

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Bare-root Trees

Trees that are shipped without soil to ensure good contact with soil in your yard. When shipped, they are about 3-4' tall with 3/8" or larger trunk diameter. When they mature, they will be one of three sizes*:


Matures to be about 8-10' tall and wide. Provides an abundance of full-size fruit.


Matures to be about 12-15' tall and wide. Gives maximum fruit yield per square foot.


Matures to be about 15-25' tall and 20' wide. A multi-purpose fruit and shade tree.

Stark Supreme Tree®

Top-grade, bare-root trees that give you a head start on growing. When shipped, they are about 4-5' tall with 5/8" or larger trunk diameter.

EZ Start® Potted Trees

Trees in bottomless pots that allow some roots to be air pruned, so that a dense mass of productive, feeder roots can grow within the pot to make transplanting easier. Mature sizes vary. When shipped, they are about 1-2' tall.

Select EZ Start® Potted Trees

Top-grade, potted trees chosen to give you a head start on growing. When shipped to you, they are about 3-4' tall.

*Tree sizes may vary by variety. See our Growing Guide for details.