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Raspberry Plants

Reap the delicious and nutritious benefits of growing a raspberry plant in your own backyard. Our impressive selection includes red, yellow, purple and black raspberries, so you can choose the one that best suits your garden — and your taste buds! The vigorous, productive canes of these raspberry plants will give you abundant crops of easy-to-pick, uniquely flavorful berries. It’s even better with primocane raspberries, which produce fruit on both previous-year and first-year canes. Raspberries will liven up salads, jams, jellies, tarts and other desserts. You can eat them fresh or freeze them for later. And, since raspberries are a rich source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, they make a healthy addition to any diet.

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Buyer's Guide

To ensure your growing success and satisfaction, there are a few things to consider when you buy a raspberry plant.

Zone Compatibility

Your climate plays an important role in whether a raspberry plant will produce fruit or even survive. Before ordering a plant, make sure its recommended hardiness zone range includes your area.

Planting Location

Make sure your black raspberries are planted in their own location, and aren’t planted near any red, gold or purple raspberry varieties.

Black raspberries may be susceptible to viral diseases carried by aphids from nearby raspberry plants. Red, gold and purple raspberries should not be planted within 75 to 100 feet of black raspberries.

Proper Pollination

Even though our raspberry plants are self-pollinating, we still recommend planting another variety in your yard for optimum fruit production.

Shipping Information

Most of our raspberry plants will be shipped to you as bare-root plants (without soil) to ensure good contact with your garden soil. These young plants arrive in a dormant (resting) state and will spring to life soon after planting.

Some of our raspberries are shipped to you in either jumbo 3 cell packs or jumbo 6 cell packs. These containers hold plants with bigger and older canes, meaning they’ll bear fruit sooner! Plus, when you buy three or more multi-packs of one variety, you receive a discount on your purchase!

Which option is best for me?

Bare-root Trees

Trees that are shipped without soil to ensure good contact with soil in your yard. When shipped, they are about 3-4' tall with 3/8" or larger trunk diameter. When they mature, they will be one of three sizes*:


Matures to be about 8-10' tall and wide. Provides an abundance of full-size fruit.


Matures to be about 12-15' tall and wide. Gives maximum fruit yield per square foot.


Matures to be about 15-25' tall and 20' wide. A multi-purpose fruit and shade tree.

Stark Supreme Tree®

Top-grade, bare-root trees that give you a head start on growing. When shipped, they are about 4-5' tall with 5/8" or larger trunk diameter.

EZ Start® Potted Trees

Trees in bottomless pots that allow some roots to be air pruned, so that a dense mass of productive, feeder roots can grow within the pot to make transplanting easier. Mature sizes vary. When shipped, they are about 1-2' tall.

Select EZ Start® Potted Trees

Top-grade, potted trees chosen to give you a head start on growing. When shipped to you, they are about 3-4' tall.

*Tree sizes may vary by variety. See our Growing Guide for details.