Fruit Trees and Plants for Arkansas

Hardiness Zones: 7-8

Plan your Arkansas garden with confidence, choosing from Stark Bro's finest selection of plants and trees suited to Arkansas's climate. For over a century, we've been the trusted source for Arkansas gardeners, providing a diverse array of plants in various sizes and types. Our year-round selection includes bare-root, potted, heirloom, heat-tolerant, and disease-resistant varieties, all tailored for Arkansas's unique gardening conditions.

Choosing the right plants for Alabama.

Choosing the Right Plants for Arkansas

Optimize your Arkansas garden with our climate-compatible selection of plants and trees. Whether you're in the Ozarks, Ouachita Mountains, or along the river valleys, our Hardiness Finder Tool helps identify the best choices for your location using your zip code. Enjoy Arkansas favorites like University of Arkansas-bred blackberries, Starking® Delicious™ Peach Tree - an Elberta-type that originates from Dover, and our disease-resistant Arkansas Black Apple. Equip yourself with essential Tree Accessories and fertilizers for a flourishing garden, tailored to Arkansas's unique gardening needs.

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The Stark Difference 

Whether you are wanting to grow more of your own food, beautify your landscape, or find unique plants suited for your area – we’ve got you covered! 

Arkansas residents can expect top-quality plants, hand-selected by our expert growers. All our plants and growing supplies are carefully packaged and shipped directly to your door. 

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Feel confident planting with the included step-by-step instructions and 1-year Survival Guarantee!
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