Fruit Trees and Plants for Illinois

Hardiness Zones: 5-7

Find plants that will thrive in Illinois’ climate! Whether you want to grow more of your own food or beautify your patio or landscape, we’ve got the right plants for you.  

At Stark Bro’s we carry over 300 different varieties of fruit trees, berry plants, nut trees, landscape trees and other garden plants. We’ve been providing the best quality plants to Illinois growers for over 200 years! In fact, many of our own orchards once resided just over the Mississippi river in Illinois. 

Find some of our top plants for gardeners in Illinois here: 

Choosing the right plants for Alabama.

Choosing the Right Plants for Illinois

To create a thriving garden or landscape here in the Midwest, it's important to select plants and trees that can handle the unique demands of your environment. Whether you live in an urban area like Chicago or in the more rural plains, shop for the best plants for Illinois here. 

First consider your zone. The USDA hardiness ranges from zones 5-7 depending on where you live in Illinois. Our website features a Hardiness Finder Tool to narrow your search for your specific area using your zip code. Look for the checkmark for the plants compatible with your area. 

Then, consider other needs, such as soil, sun, spacing, and pollination requirements. Popular fruiting plants in Illinois include strawberries, blackberries, currants, pears, and apples. In fact, we partnered with Stark Bro’s customers, Lee and Mary Elliott of Winchester, IL, on the new Honeycrisp Crosses. These have the classic Honeycrisp taste but are much easier to grow! 

To round out your order, shop for accessories, fertilizers, and tools needed to care for your plants. Gardeners in Illinois may be particularly interested in our Tree Accessories which include tree stakes and irrigation solutions to help your plants thrive. 

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Whether you're looking to grow more of your own food, beautify your landscape, or find unique plants that are suitable for your area, we have got you covered! 

You can expect top-quality plants, hand-selected by our expert growers. All our plants and growing supplies are carefully packaged and shipped directly to your door. 

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