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3 Things to Know About Fruit Tree Hardiness Zones

Posted by Elmer on January 25, 2011

Most endeavors have a window of opportunity, and planting is no exception. Figuratively, every plant has a biological clock in it. Dormancy [read more]


Nut Trees: How Many Years Until Harvest?

Nut trees are multi-purpose additions to the landscape. They provide shade, which is helpful in cutting cooling costs, they increase property value and, of course, they [read more]

Colby Pecan in Hulls

Protect Your Tree Trunks with Tree Guards

A tree’s trunk, much like its root system, is an essential part of its vitality. A healthy tree can attribute its vigor to [read more]

Tree Guards on Rocks

How to Tell When Figs Are Ripe

Common figs are fruits that are enjoyed fresh or dried, and they are also easy to grow. Figs can be easy to harvest [read more]

Ripening Fig

Pest Control Using Garden Netting

Imagine for a moment that you have a garden or home orchard and the year’s temperatures, sunlight, and rainfall are [read more]

Looking in at Netted Peaches