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Issai Hardy Kiwi

by Sarah on 03/27/2012

Issai Hardy Kiwi

Issai Hardy Kiwi

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  1. Richard permalink

    Will it grow in the north (seattle)?

  2. Frank J Young permalink

    You haven’t given the Zones where the Hardy Kiwi will survive. Please advise

    • Hello Frank. The link from the the Issai Hardy Kiwi leads to our site where it lists the recommended hardiness zones for this plant. It is hardy for zones 5-9 (which is fairly similar to most grapes – I have heard that this vine does well where grapes do well). I hope this helps!

  3. Alex permalink

    Got Issai Kiwi from starkbros this year. First all new green vines dried out and died, but new vine came out at the same time so i was not concerned. Now new one died too.
    I am in zone 5 soil is well drained. What can be a problem? What should i do to save it?

    • Alex, is your Issai Hardy Kiwi planted outside? If so, it is most likely an issue with the weather or the location (soil nutrients, pH, etc.). The Issai Hardy Kiwi tends not to thrive in very wet soil but, if it was getting too much water, you would have noticed a yellowing (discoloration) in the leaves as well.

      I have actually had the same experience with my kiwi plant that I got this year. I had it in a pot in my windowsill on my unheated porch. The late frost this season got to it anyway, causing the leaves to crisp up and become dry, especially on the leaves near the soil. I pruned off all its new growth (including the vine — back to about an inch above the soil) and it has come up again looking much healthier.

      I recommend pruning off what is drying up so that the main stem has a chance to grow again. In the meantime, you might want to check your soil pH to make sure it is in the ideal range for the kiwi: 5.0-6.5/5.5-7.0.

      If the plant does not put on new growth, please contact our customer support team [800.325.4180] so that we may see about replacing your Kiwi plant in the next available season for you.

  4. Alex permalink

    Thanks Sarah!
    Kiwi is outdoors in well drained soil water never stays there. There is nothing to prune all gone. Will check PH

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