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The Trail of The Golden Apple

Stark’s Golden Delicious

Paul Clarence Stark, 1914

For 20 years all the Starks hand searched for a large late keeping yellow apple as good [read more]


How to Make Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar has been hailed as a cure-all dietary supplement, with health benefits ranging from allergy relief to [read more]

Raw Apple Scraps

Asian-Pear Sauce Recipe

Who doesn’t love fruit sauce? It’s easy to be a fan of apple sauce, especially when you’re growing your own apples. Part of the enjoyment is deciding which varieties have [read more]

Asian Pears & Sauce

Fruit Tree Care: Spraying Dormant Oil

When it comes to encouraging a healthy and productive fruit tree, there are two big things you can do to help. One is to [read more]

Dormant Oil and Applicator