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Pecan Trees

Pecan trees (Carya illinoinensis) are stately shade trees that mature to produce bountiful crops of nuts, prized for their flavor. Here you will find a fine selection of pecan tree varieties, as well as closely related Hickory nut trees (Carya laciniosa). These trees thrive in their natural habitat along and around the Mississippi River and the broad plains of the Midwest – and other places like California, Florida, and Texas, where days are long and warm during the growing season. There are also a few cold-hardier varieties to choose from that are still productive further north. Growing your own pecan tree is an affordable way to bring beauty to your landscape and to enjoy nuts that will enhance the flavor of your food, while providing important nutrients for your diet. These nuts are an excellent natural source of antioxidants, protein, unsaturated fats and more. And, since these trees can continue to bear even when over a century old, you’ll enjoy homegrown nuts for generations.

Enter your zip code to find your hardiness zone, see which trees and plants are best suited for your area, and learn your next ideal planting time.

Buyer's Guide

To ensure your growing success and satisfaction, there are a few things to consider when you buy a pecan tree.

Zone Compatibility

Your climate plays an important role in whether a tree will produce nuts or even survive. Before ordering any tree, make sure its recommended hardiness zone range includes your area.

  • Pecan trees are heat-tolerant and typically grow in warmer climates in the South and West (Zones 7-9).
  • We also offer some varieties that are hardy enough be grown successfully in cooler climates as far north as the upper Midwest (Zones 5-6).
  • Most importantly, pecan trees rely on summer heat and long growing seasons for nuts to mature and fill.

Proper Pollination

Pollination by a different variety is key to the success of many pecan trees. Most of our pecan trees require pollination by a compatible variety for successful kernel growth and production. Inadequate pollination is a common reason why some pecan trees produce poorly or don’t bear nuts at all.

Pecan tree pollination works differently from other types of edibles. Typically, pecan trees bloom and shed pollen at different times: some shed pollen first and are receptive of pollen later (“Type I”), others bloom first and shed pollen later (“Type II”). It is highly recommended you plant at least one of each type for adequate cross pollination and kernel development. Make sure you check our descriptions to see which pollinating varieties our experts recommend.

We do grow some self-pollinating pecan trees, which are ideal if you don’t have enough growing space to plant a second variety. If you do have room, we always recommend planting another compatible variety for optimum pecan production.

Shipping Information

Most of our pecan trees are shipped to you in our exclusive EZ Start® bottomless pots. When shipped to you, the trees will be approximately 1-2' tall.

Upgrade Option

To give you a head start on growing pecan trees, we offer upgrades called Select EZ Start® potted trees for most of our varieties. When shipped to you, these top-grade selections will be somewhat larger — approximately 3-4' tall.


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Which option is best for me?

Bare-root Trees

Trees that are shipped without soil to ensure good contact with soil in your yard. When shipped, they are about 3-4' tall with 3/8" or larger trunk diameter. When they mature, they will be one of three sizes*:


Matures to be about 8-10' tall and wide. Provides an abundance of full-size fruit.


Matures to be about 12-15' tall and wide. Gives maximum fruit yield per square foot.


Matures to be about 15-25' tall and 20' wide. A multi-purpose fruit and shade tree.

Stark Supreme Tree®

Top-grade, bare-root trees that give you a head start on growing. When shipped, they are about 4-5' tall with 5/8" or larger trunk diameter.

EZ Start® Potted Trees

Trees in bottomless pots that allow some roots to be air pruned, so that a dense mass of productive, feeder roots can grow within the pot to make transplanting easier. Mature sizes vary. When shipped, they are about 1-2' tall.

Select EZ Start® Potted Trees

Top-grade, potted trees chosen to give you a head start on growing. When shipped to you, they are about 3-4' tall.

*Tree sizes may vary by variety. See our Growing Guide for details.