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How To Plant Blackberries

Blackberry plants are a rewarding addition to an edible landscape, and learning how to plant blackberries grown in our Jumbo-6 packs is an easy task.

Blackberry plants at Stark Bro’s are available in “Jumbo-6″ packs, containing six plants of one variety. These plants each have a dense root system, which promotes healthy, vigorous growth after planting and during the growing season. Blackberry plants are some of the most rewarding additions to an edible landscape and garden. There are no challenging tricks to planting blackberry plants and they tend to establish quickly and easily – and that translates to sooner fruit production!

When planting blackberry plants, you will need:

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6-pack Blackberry Plants


  • Dig your planting holes at least 3 feet apart to allow for the mature spread of each blackberry plant.
  • Remove the blackberry plant from its pot and loosen the roots and soil for planting
  • Place the blackberry plant in the pre-dug planting hole and refill the soil around the roots
    • Note: the potted soil level can be used as a guide for how deep to plant your blackberry plants in the ground
  • Use your hands to tamp the soil around the roots once the blackberry is planted to remove air pockets
  • Thoroughly water the newly planted blackberry plants

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Note for planting in the spring: Since our blackberry plants are grown in our greenhouses, they may arrive with tender green growth which is not accustomed to freezing weather and frost. If your area is still experiencing freezing temperatures and expecting frost when your blackberry plants arrive, then you can delay planting for several days. Another option is to acclimate the blackberry plants to the outdoors. Read about acclimating new plants and trees here. When planting in late spring, after threat of frost has passed, acclimation may not be necessary.

Note for planting in the fall: As stated above, there are ways to delay planting if you absolutely cannot plant when your blackberry plants arrive. It is risky to delay planting in the fall in many areas because the ground may become frozen, which makes it nearly impossible to plant. Blackberry plants will most likely need to be acclimated to their new environment before planting. This is highly recommended for successfully planting blackberry plants in the fall.

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