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Self-Pollinating Pear Trees

Also called self-fruitful pear trees

Grow self-pollinating pear trees for a space-saving pear harvest! Most fruiting pear trees require the presence of another different variety of pear for cross-pollination in order to set fruit; however, these pear trees are self-pollinating — meaning they can grow and develop fruit without another compatible pear tree blooming nearby. Here you will find our selection of self-pollinating European pear trees and self-pollinating Asian pear trees, as well as partially self-pollinating “everbearing” pear trees like Colette. Even though they are self-pollinating, these pear trees will have an increased fruit yield if you have another pear tree growing nearby (within 50 feet is ideal for adequate cross-pollination). Since these pear trees are self-fruitful, they make ideal options for a small-space fruit garden.

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