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Stark Bro's Wholesale

Serving professional growers, nurseries & garden centers

For over 200 years, Stark Bro's has been growing and selling trees and plants. The respect we've gained over those two centuries was earned by consistently helping our customers succeed. Our highly specialized Wholesale Team is fully dedicated to working with businesses and commercial growers like you, who need top-quality nursery stock in large quantities.

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Choose from our expanded inventory of superior trees & plants

Stark Bro's offers a wide array of nursery stock, from heat-tolerant to cold-hardy and just about everything in-between. Our selection now includes more than 60 varieties of apple and peach trees, along with dozens of other fruit and nut trees, ornamental trees and popular berry plants.

Grow-to-order or select from existing inventory

If we don't have your variety in stock, we can bud and grow it for you by sourcing scion wood or using our own. We can also expertly bud yours, if you have a unique variety you want to propagate. Custom budding requires two years' lead time.

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Considering growing fruit to sell?

Partner with a proven winner.

Call us for a free consultation and we'll help you pick the right trees and rootstocks for your growing zone, and give you plenty of sound advice about planning, logistics and even the financials. Our award-winning staff of experts has decades of experience growing fruit trees for commercial sale.

How can we help you succeed?

Stark Bro's Wholesale

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Order Requirements

All wholesale orders must meet a 50-tree minimum, 10 per variety. Orders of fewer than 10 trees per variety are available for an additional fee.


25% required with order
25% required within 30 days of order
* Includes Stark Bro's credit customers