June Bearing Strawberries

June Bearing Strawberries Buyer's Guide

June bearing strawberries produce one large crop of fruit each growing season, typically in June. The strawberry plants also produce runners that root freely, giving gardeners the option of a nice ground cover. A June bearing variety has a harvest period of about 10 days. You can extend your harvests by planting an early variety like Earliglo, a mid variety such as Honeoye, and a later variety like Jewel. June bearers such as Allstar and Surecrop are also top choices among strawberry lovers, supplying an annual crop of large, sweet berries.

When choosing which strawberry type to plant, remember that June bearing strawberries only flower and fruit once a year. Should your hardiness zone frequently experience late spring frosts that could harm or kill early blossoms, then everbearing varieties may be a better choice for your garden.