Apricot Trees Buyer's Guide

Planting an apricot tree is a great way to enjoy your own supply of delectable, fresh fruit. The apricot trees in our selection are highly productive and will bear bushels of apricots each summer. This luscious fruit features gorgeous, golden skin and velvety flesh that is firm yet juicy. The apricots are flavorful and aromatic, and our varieties have a distinctive, homegrown flavor. They taste great when canned or frozen for later, used to make desserts, or dried to make a healthy snack. And because most of our apricot trees produce freestone fruit (when you cut them open, the pit falls right out), they are easy to eat fresh. Plus, apricots are low in calories and provide a rich source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

To ensure your growing success and satisfaction, there are a few things to consider when you buy an apricot tree.

Zone Compatibility

Your climate plays an important role in whether an apricot tree will produce fruit or even survive. Before ordering a tree, make sure its recommended hardiness zone range includes your area.

Proper Pollination

All of the apricot trees we offer are self-pollinating, which is ideal if you don’t have the growing space to plant a second variety for pollination. If you do have enough room, we always recommend planting multiple varieties for optimum fruit production.

Mature Tree Size

Make sure you pick the right size for your space. When our apricot trees mature, they will be one of two sizes:

  • Dwarf apricot trees mature to be about 8-10' tall and wide. Even though they are smaller, they produce an abundance of full-size fruit.
  • Standard apricot trees mature to be about 15-25' tall and 20' wide. They are perfect if you have a large space or want a multi-purpose shade tree.

Survival Guaranteed!

Since 1816, Stark Bro’s has promised to provide customers with the very best fruit trees and plants. It’s just that simple. If your trees or plants do not survive, please let us know within one year of delivery. We will send you a free one-time replacement, with a nominal shipping fee of $9.99. If the item in question is not available, we can issue a one-time credit to your account equaling the original product purchase price or issue you a refund. Read more about our warranty policy.