Garlic Bulbs Buyer's Guide

Garlic is a fuss-free member of the Allium genus that’s closely related to onions, leeks and chives. It’s a great plant for beginners because it’s so easy to grow. You can choose from either hardneck or softneck varieties and grow your own savory, pungent garlic right in your own home garden. Hardneck garlic bulbs—the best choice for Northern gardeners—are larger and more flavor-forward. Mellower softneck garlic grows better in warmer climates and is the right choice if you intend to store your garlic for a long period. Garlic forms bulbs that separate into cloves. To plant, just separate the cloves and plant each clove about 2-4 inches deep, 6 inches apart, with the root-end touching the soil. It’s best to plant garlic in the fall because it will have more time to grow and mature than if planted in the spring. Harvesting garlic is much like harvesting onions. When the bottom leaves start to turn brown and shrivel, it’s time to harvest. Gently dig up the bulb and move it to a shady spot that is dry and has good air circulation. It will cure in 2-3 weeks. Store garlic by braiding softneck varieties and hanging them in a cool, dry place. Hardneck varieties can be left at room temperature (refrigerating garlic will cause it to sprout).

To ensure your growing success and satisfaction, there are a few things to consider when you buy garlic bulbs.

Order Deadlines

Most garlic plants are available during both the spring and fall ordering seasons. Be sure to check the individual garlic varieties to see if they have specific order deadlines.

Zone Compatibility

Your climate plays an important role in whether or not your garlic plant will be successful. Before ordering a garlic plant, make sure its recommended hardiness-zone range includes your area.

Neck Type

Our garlic varieties consist of softneck and hardneck types, which are appropriate for growing in Zones 3-9.


Survival Guaranteed!

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