Garden Netting

Garden Netting Buyer's Guide

To protect your garden and your fruit trees, sometimes the best defense is a good “fence”. Garden netting works as an easy-to-use barrier that stands between your berries, fruit, and vegetables, and persistent garden pests. Ideal for organic gardening!

The 3/4-inch spacing in our Bird-X® Garden Nets mesh helps cover and protect your ripening harvest from critters like birds, squirrels, and rabbits. With smaller, 1/6-inch spacing in the mesh, our Big Bug Netting additionally keeps out larger bug-pests like cicadas, wasps, and Japanese beetles. Conveniently spray through the nets to control smaller pests or disease. Water, air, and sunlight still access the plants and trees so that they continue to grow and produce. These garden nets are also flexible and durable enough to remove, clean, and reuse season after season.