Eco-Friendly Garden: Cardboard Box Weed Control

Every item shipped from Stark Brothers comes in a sturdy cardboard box to protect your plants in the shipping process. Instead of tossing the shipping box in the trash, put it to good use as an eco-friendly weed control barrier.

Using cardboard as a weed mat is a great eco-friendly and cost-effective way to suppress weeds in your garden. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Gather Supplies:

  • Use your Stark Brother's shipping box! 
  • Scissors or utility knife to cut the cardboard to size.
  • Mulch to cover the cardboard.

Prepare the Area:

Where possible, remove or cut short any weeds or vegetation from the area where you want to lay down the cardboard.

Prepare the Cardboard: 

Remove all tape, labels, and metal staples from the cardboard. 

Cut Cardboard to Size:

Flatten the cardboard boxes and cut them to fit the area you want to cover. Overlap the edges by a few inches to prevent weeds from popping through the gaps.

Lay Down the Cardboard:

Place the cardboard directly onto the soil, ensuring complete coverage of the area. Press down on the edges and overlaps to secure them in place.

Water the Cardboard:

If the cardboard isn’t lying flat, it can be watered to help make it more pliable.

Cover with Mulch:

To improve the appearance and effectiveness of the weed mat, you can cover the cardboard with a layer of mulch. This helps to further suppress weeds and also provides additional insulation for the soil.

Monitor and Maintain:

Over time, the cardboard will break down and decompose, adding organic matter to the soil. Keep an eye on the area and replace any sections of cardboard that break down or become exposed.

Using cardboard as a weed mat is an effective way to suppress weeds naturally while also recycling materials that might otherwise end up in the landfill. It's important to note that while cardboard can help suppress weeds, it won't completely eliminate them. Regular maintenance, such as pulling any weeds that do manage to grow through, will help keep your garden looking its best.