Persimmon Trees

Persimmon Trees Buyer's Guide

Also called Sharon fruit

Persimmon trees are fruit-bearing trees that likely originated in China or Japan. These easy-to-grow trees are naturally resistant to many diseases, and they easily avoid late frost damage, as they are one of the last trees to bloom each spring. Persimmons are characterized by their fiery orange color. In fall, a persimmon tree’s foliage is a brilliant array of reds, oranges and yellows. Depending on the variety and ripeness, persimmons can be either astringent or non-astringent. We grow two types of persimmon trees:

  • Asian Persimmon Trees originated in China. These trees mature to a comparatively smaller height and are well suited to growing in warmer zones.
  • American Persimmon Trees are larger, hardier and native to North America. All unripe American persimmons are astringent, so these should be eaten when fully ripe and soft.

Note: Our persimmon trees are grown in EZ Start® pots, which allow the roots to self-air prune and redirect energy to producing a dense mass of feeder roots. The main tap root will begin forming once planted in its permanent location, and will fully develop over the next 2-3 years.

To ensure your growing success and satisfaction, there are a few things to consider when you buy a persimmon tree.

Zone Compatibility

Your climate plays an important role in whether a persimmon tree will produce fruit or even survive. We have persimmon trees that grow well almost anywhere, from zone 4 to 10. Before ordering a variety, be sure the tree’s recommended hardiness zone range includes your area.

Proper Pollination

All of the persimmons we grow are self-pollinating, but we still recommend planting another Persimmon variety in your yard for optimum fruit production.

Mature Tree Size

Make sure you pick the right size tree for your space. When our persimmon trees mature, they will fall into one of three ranges:

  • Dwarf Persimmon Trees mature to be about 8-10’ tall and wide. Even though they are smaller, they produce an abundance of full-size fruit.
  • Asian Persimmon Trees mature to be about 15-20’ tall and wide. These medium-sized trees are very productive; they give you maximum fruit yield per square foot.
  • American Persimmon Trees are the largest of the persimmons. They will be anywhere from 35-50’ tall when they reach full height. They are perfect if you have a large space or want a multi-purpose shade tree.


Survival Guaranteed!

Since 1816, Stark Bro’s has promised to provide customers with the very best fruit trees and plants. It’s just that simple. If your trees or plants do not survive, please let us know within one year of delivery. We will send you a free one-time replacement, with a nominal shipping fee of $9.99. If the item in question is not available, we can issue a one-time credit to your account equaling the original product purchase price or issue you a refund. Read more about our warranty policy.