Columnar Fruit Trees

Columnar Fruit Trees Buyer's Guide

Also called colonnade fruit trees

Harvest full-sized fruit from trees that stay under four feet wide. These columnar fruit trees, including Colonnade® apple trees and Urban Apple® trees, make perfect space-saving additions to your fruit garden. The compact and conical growth habits of these trees allow you to take advantage of underplanting with flowers and smaller edibles to fully utilize your layout. Most of these trees mature around 8-10 feet tall, but their width remains between 2-3 feet depending on the variety you choose. Plant individually in containers on balconies or patios, use as in-ground focal points in small-space gardens, or plant several in a row for an edible living fence or windbreak in landscapes with room to spare. The only thing better than a fruit tree in the garden is one with versatility — and that’s what you’ll get when you grow your own columnar fruit trees.