How to Grow Peach Trees

Peach Trees

There are countless reasons for growing peach trees: the satisfaction of picking your own homegrown fruit, creating family memories, preserving your harvest... there are so many!

Some key factors to remember about growing peach trees:

Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make is choosing the right location for your new peach tree. This requires thinking ahead, with the success of your tree at heart:

  • Have you addressed your tree’s pollination needs?
  • Is this location going to provide enough sun?
  • Does this spot have the right kind of soil for your peach tree?
  • Is there enough space for the tree to mature?

Find out how to prepare your soil prior to planting, and learn how to plant bare-root and potted peach trees. The instructions make it very easy.

After getting your peach tree safely settled in its new home, you can address the “Care & Maintenance” phase. Learn how often and how much to water and how to avoid the problems that arise from under- and over-watering.

Peach trees need good food, too! Fertilizing is a critical element in whether your trees just survive, or thrive. Equally as important is when to start/stop fertilizing. Did you know that continual feeding can actually make trees vulnerable to winter damage?

The Care & Maintenance section will also teach you about pruning peach trees, which prefer an open-center/vase-shape structure. This method keeps the tree’s canopy open to light — an essential element in the quality of the fruit and stability of the tree. Here, we also review common peach-tree pest and disease issues, while explaining the importance of spraying to control current problems and help to prevent future ones.

Discover great tips on all these topics and others – like harvesting – in this series of articles. You can navigate to any article by using the “In This Series” menu, or follow the “Next/Previous” navigation markers at the end of each article.

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