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Stark Bro’s USDA Organic fruit trees are grown “clean” from the start, on 25 acres we call the “Stark Just-Organic Farm”. To be certified organic, the USDA requires that the land must be free of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides (and a long list of other items) for at least three years. This premium land parcel has been nothing but pastureland for decades, far surpassing the USDA requirements.
Our pampered, 100% non-GMO trees are kept weed-free by hand, and fertilized by cover crops of clover and rye between the rows — which actually fixes nitrogen in the soil rather than robbing it. Pests are addressed only with biological controls, and diseases are less of an issue because all of our organic varieties are specially chosen to be naturally resistant to many common fruit-tree issues.
Stark Bro’s organic acreage is re-certified annually by the USDA.