Commemorative Tree Planting & Time Capsule

2016: Stark Bro's employees and officers, along with Louisiana Mayor, "plant" a time capsule and a Golden Delicious tree on September 23.

Louisiana, MO (September 13, 2016) — Stark Bro's will continue celebrating its 200th year in business by burying a company time capsule and planting a Golden Delicious apple tree at the James Hart Stark Cabin (on West Georgia Street in Louisiana). The ceremony, to be presided over by Louisiana Mayor Bart Niedner, will take place at 3:00pm, Friday, September 23. The public is welcome. A Red Delicious tree was planted near the cabin this past April. The two apple trees will represent Stark Bro's most important discoveries: 60% of the world's apples are now descended from these two varieties. "It's important that we preserve our history for our employees, our community and even for the entire country — especially our most famous apple trees," says Ken Lane, Stark Bro's Chief Marketing Officer. "And 25 years from now, the things we've put in the time capsule will tell the story of what has been a very historic year for us." The sealed time capsule will contain magazine and newspaper articles about Stark Bro's 200th anniversary, company catalogs, a Stark Bro's baseball cap (featuring the famous "bear logo") and more. Marble markers will be laid to identify the fruit trees and the time capsule for visitors. The planting will be supervised by Mayor Niedner, Elmer Kidd, Ken Lane and dignitaries from local businesses and non-profit organizations. The following day, September 24, Stark Bro's will host a public "birthday party," from 2pm-8pm at the Pike County Fairgrounds. Admission is free. Games, live entertainment, food vendors, a petting zoo, bounce house, pony rides and carnival games will be capped off by free fireworks. For more information, visit: Photo opportunities will be available at both events. All local media are invited to attend.
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