DeWitt Dew Right Drip Irrigation Bag 20 Gallon

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Take the stress out of planting new trees with a 20-gallon tree watering bag designed to provide an even distribution of water directly to tree roots over an extended period. While only requiring five minutes out of your day for installation, the DeWitt Dew Right tree bag is easily prepped for use without tools. Just zip the bag around the trunk, fill it with water and leave it to do its job. For most new trees, the bag only needs to be filled 1-2 times per week.

Dewitt Dew Right Drip Irrigation 20 gallon bag eliminates the severe water stress new trees endure after transplanting while preventing water run-off and evaporation. This product is deemed safe to use with nutrient or chemical additives.

**Single bag fits trees up to 3" caliper and holds 20 gallons
**Can attach 2 bags for trees 3-5" caliper and holds 40 gallons

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