European Pear Trees

European Pear Trees Buyer's Guide

Also called common pear trees, bartlett-type pears

European pear trees (Pyrus communis) are stately, fruit-bearing trees. They tend to have an upright growth habit, meaning the branches grow more upward than outward, giving the appearance that the trees are taller than they are wide. These pear trees are a beauty in the landscape, with smooth green leaves and delicate white flowers in the spring, followed by the added benefit of fruit in late summer and fall.

The fruits from these trees are commonly recognized as “classic” or “traditional” pears. They are uniquely-shaped fruits that achieve their best quality of taste and texture when harvested and allowed to ripen off the tree for a few days at room temperature. European pear trees are productive trees when mature, so before long, you will be able to enjoy the fruit fresh, canned, spiced, in desserts, salads, pear butters and more.