Protecting Your Fruit Trees From Deer - 3D Electric Fence Unboxing & Setup

Protecting your fruit trees from deer can be a constant battle for many fruit tree growers. Deer can set back a tree for years by damaging it or killing the tree altogether. 

Deer can cause significant damage to fruit trees by rubbing their antlers against the trunk or chewing on the bark. This can lead to wounds, girdling (removal of bark in a circle around the trunk), and ultimately weaken or kill the tree.

Deer are known to consume fruits and leaves from trees. When they have access to fruit trees, they can quickly strip them of their fruit, resulting in significant crop loss. By keeping deer away, you can ensure a higher yield and maximize fruit production.

To help growers protect their trees from deer damage, Stark Brothers has partnered with Premier 1 Supplies on a 4-part videos series on how to keep deer out of an orchard. 

One of the most popular ways to keep deer out of an orchard, garden, or food plot, is to use a 3D electric fence. Why use a 3D fence to keep deer out? The three-dimensional aspect of the fence makes it more challenging for deer to perceive the fence as an obstacle. It creates a visual barrier that disrupts their depth perception, making it harder for them to accurately judge the fence's height and distance. This confusion discourages deer from attempting to jump over the fence, reducing the likelihood of them breaching the barrier and entering the protected area.

In this video, Andrew from the Howard Homestead and Joe from Premier 1 Supplies unbox all the items needed for a 3D Electric Fence.

When it comes to setting up the 3D electric fence, the task may seem overwhelming at first. In this video, Joe from RPemier 1 Supplies shows Andrew the Step-by-Step Guide to setting up a 3-D electric fence for deer protection.

If you have a smaller orchard or growing space, but still need to keep deer out, there are other fencing options available if a 3D electric fence won't work for your set-up. For those needing to protect a handful of trees, Premier 1 Supplies has several electric netting options available. The electric netting comes in a variety of heights, lengths, and netting designs so they can keep, chickens, small critters, and deer out of an orchard. The electric net options are also very easy to set up. In this video, Joe from Premier 1 goes through the various options available and how they work.

Before putting up an electric deer fence, there are several considerations you should keep in mind to ensure its effectiveness and safety. In this video, Joe from Premier 1 talks about the important factors before setting up an electric fence. Considerations should be made from design, local safety requirements, animal travel paths, baiting the fence, maintenance, and materials needed. It's also important to set up the 3D electric fence before deer start using the area.