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Spraying Blueberry Plants

Spraying is important to the survival of your plants. To handle potential diseases and pests, reference the guidelines below to know what you should spray, and when you should use it.

NOTE: This is part 9 in a series of 11 articles. For a complete background on how to grow blueberry plants, we recommend starting from the beginning.

Before you begin, read and follow all instructions on labels.

Natural Control

  • Serenade® Garden Disease Control for botrytis blight, powdery mildew, anthracnose and more.

When To Spray

Dormancy (late winter/early spring before leaves emerge)

  • Bonide® All-Seasons® Dormant Horticultural Spray Oil for thrips, mites, sawfly (eggs) and scales.

On Foliage

  • Bonide® All-Seasons® Dormant Horticultural Spray Oil for thrips, mites, sawfly (eggs) and scales.

At the First Sign of:

  • Bonide® Captain Jack’s™ Deadbug Brew for fruitfly (drosophila), leafrollers, thrips and more.
  • Bonide® Citrus, Fruit & Nut Orchard Spray for aphids, mites, leafhoppers, spittlebugs, scale, thrips, fruit flies, powdery mildew, blight and more.
  • Bonide® Borer-Miner Killer for aphids, mites, lygus bugs, spittlebugs, Japanese beetles, weevils, leafrollers and more.
  • Bonide® Thuricide® Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) for omnivorus leafrollers.

(DO NOT use on large trees)

  • GardenTech® Sevin® Concentrate Bug Killer for aphids, blueberry maggot, scales, sawfly, leafrollers, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, mites, weevil and more.
  • Bayer Advanced™ Complete Insect Killer for aphids, blueberry maggot, leafrollers, scales, sawfly, Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, spittlebugs, mites and more.

Bud Swell (or when buds have loose scales)

  • Bonide® Captan Fruit & Ornamental for botrytis gray mold or berry rot and mummy berry.

Bud break (green tip--DO NOT apply after early bloom)

  • Bonide® Fung-onil™ Fungicide for mummy berry and anthracnose.
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