Grafted Vegetable Plants

Grafted Vegetable Plants Buyer's Guide

Grafted vegetable plants are a natural fit in the garden. Anyone who has a passion for gardening will tell you that vegetable plants are easy to grow, quick to bear, and are rewarding for gardeners of all ages. Grafted vegetable plants improve on all of these points. When vegetable plants are grafted, the variety is placed onto a compatible rootstock that is selected for its natural characteristics like disease-resistance, hardiness, and vigor. This means that the grafted plant, like an heirloom cultivar, has a better chance at surviving, thriving, and bearing in a location where a seed-grown plant on its own root may struggle. The best part is, you don’t lose any of the flavor or appeal of the variety that is grafted, you simply get a more durable plant from the roots up. Our selection includes a “2-in-1” grafted vegetable plant — a unique, space-saving option that has two different, yet compatible, vegetables all on one plant. Grow your own grafted vegetables and experience the benefits for yourself!