Hop Bines Buyer's Guide

Hops commonly refers to both the flowers that develop (called cones) and the bine itself, Humulus lupulus. That’s right – the common hop is a bine not a vine. Unlike vines that use tendrils and other means to climb, hops bines climb with the help of stiff hairs along their stems. Hops don’t take up much space, but they thrive when they can grow vertically upward (sometimes over 20 feet tall!) often with the help of a simple hops trellis. Plant in a well-drained location – or mound well above poorly draining, compact soils – and watch these vigorous plants grow. Hops flowers are traditionally used as an herbal remedy and as a main ingredient in beer for their flavor and bittering qualities. With the rising interest in making homebrews, there is no better time to grow your own hop plants.