Protect fruits and vegetables. This lightweight, 3/4", 100% poly, stretch netting will guard blueberries, strawberries, cherries and other tasty temptations from birds, rabbits and other pests who might love to eat your ripening berries, fruits and vegetables. Different-size netting fits trees or garden plants (see suggestions below) – and you can spray and irrigate right through it! UV inhibitors add durability for longer life.

For best results, use protective garden netting before the damage is done. Simply drape over the tree canopy and gather at trunk, securing with twist ties. Drape over shrubs, vines, and other garden plants and secure with stakes or weigh down the edges. Store indoors when harvest protection is no longer needed.

  • 14' x 14' for dwarf trees
  • 7' x 20' for berry plants and small garden rows
  • 14' x 45' for mid-sized garden rows
  • 14' x 75' for longer garden rows
  • 28' x 28' for semi-dwarf (and larger) trees

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Stark Bro's Store
your recommendation
Marilyn S on Apr 30, 2021
The birds or squirrels ate my strawberries last year. Have a corner strawberry patch against privacy fence. Needed this size to cover strawberry plants.
Kathleen M on Apr 14, 2021
your recommendation
Marilyn S on Apr 30, 2021
Might help protect the plants from Jaws.
Patricia H on Apr 25, 2021
The birds or squirrels ate my strawberries last year. Have a corner strawberry patch against privacy fence. Needed this size to cover strawberry plants.
Kathleen M on Apr 14, 2021
To keep the birds out of my blueberries
Mary Anne Y on Apr 4, 2021
Purchased before
Kevin R on Mar 13, 2021
helped slow down the pilfering of my berries from a few pesky birds that figured out where my garden was and had made it a regular pit stop
David R on Feb 17, 2021
Those rotten cedar waxwings, goldfinches, and catbirds eat sour cherries and other fruit.
William A on Feb 14, 2021
To keep birds and fruit flies away.
Sarah J on Feb 10, 2021
I want to be able to eat my berries without fighting with the birds.
Jackie on Dec 6, 2020
To protect my berries next summer
EVA T. on Nov 22, 2020
To starve my local birds. Right now they're eating my peaches something terrible.
david h on Sep 14, 2020
We have cherry trees
Deborah on Aug 11, 2020
Have not used this before but will give it a try!
Steve J on Jun 21, 2020
I'm going to try and keep the deer from eating my newly planted trees.
Jo M on Jun 20, 2020
Hoping to protect our blueberry bushes from birds! They are loaded with blueberries this year
Patricia M on Jun 18, 2020
Going to keep the blueberries and raspberries for ourselves. The birds can forget it!
Kim K on Jun 15, 2020
To cover the hoops over my 4'x8' raised garden beds.
Tiwana D on Jun 9, 2020
birds gonna eat my blueberries!
Joel M on May 30, 2020
to protect blueberries
matt t on May 24, 2020
My cherries are producing and I have a bird problem
Craig L on May 23, 2020
I have blueberries and strawberries growing now. Plus lots of birds. A necessity!
Elizabeth F on May 22, 2020
Previous order did not include the net - only the fertilizer and soil acidifier.
W I on May 21, 2020
Needed for our cherry trees. Like Stark Brothers but very disappointed in the shipping charges for this item and our discount was not applied.
Nancy K on May 18, 2020
Needed to protect blueberry bushes.
Ellen C on May 12, 2020
to use over strawberry beds or grapevines to prevent birds from getting them
Robert C on May 8, 2020
there are hundreds of different type birds that will leave me with no fruit, I speak of experience. I have used your nets successfully before
TONY R on Apr 24, 2020
I have several producing fruit trees and in 2 yrs we have not been able to enjoy
the fruits. Squirrels, deer, birds are enjoying them.
Ronna R on Apr 7, 2020
It keeps the deer and birds out of our blackberry garden.
Sharon M B on Apr 7, 2020
So I can protect my cherry and other fruit trees
RYAN C on Apr 5, 2020
Seems like a good investment
shayna r on Mar 28, 2020
Birds, especially humming birds are devastating my Jersey tomatoes. Since I lost my Bartlett tree to a blight, the birds are eating all red tomatoes after the sun sets.
Timothy C on Mar 22, 2020
I thought I would give the bird netting a try on the cherry bushes and either the strawberry plants or the blueberry bushes. I ordered 2 different sizes. I am hoping/expecting that the bees will still be able to get through to pollinate. If they do as well as the reviews say they will I may order more for my peach and apple trees.
Karen E on Feb 25, 2020
Keep leaves out of my fish pond.
William A on Sep 18, 2019
It works great to keep the birds away from the peaches and pears!
TED H on Aug 12, 2019
Good size for my tree. I'll know more after I try it.
George M on Jul 3, 2019
I had a large gauge net on my strawberries this year and sadly a bluejay got tangled in it and died. I cannot have that happen again.
Cynthia H on Jun 28, 2019
I need to protect my fruit from the birds
Cindy L on May 7, 2019
Hoping to keep the Robins away
Cindy P on May 6, 2019
For strawberries
Ruth M on Apr 27, 2019
I use these nets with earth staples over my strawberry beds every year. They are easy to reach under to pick the berries without sharing them with the birds.
BABS K on Apr 13, 2019
To protect my crops!
James G on Mar 17, 2019
I'm not ready to share my blackberries with the birds, maybe when I have more than I can eat...then I'll put these to rest.
Jacob P on Nov 28, 2018
Hoping to keep the birds from getting all my cherries this yr
deb on Oct 10, 2018
Birds are having a feast...Peaches, Raspberries, Strawberries...willing to share part of the fruit but not all!
SUZANNE K on Sep 12, 2018
Last year the birds ate all of my blueberries. I don't want that to happen this year!!!!
Virginia S on May 7, 2018
Birds are a problem. Will try this to keep them away.
Harvey R on May 5, 2018
I have a small 50-tree orchard of apples and peaches that the birds raise cane in. They are determined to sample every piece of fruit on each tree, which leaves them open for wasps, yellow jackets, and honey bees to start to carve them out. I use small cable ties to turn 14ft wide nets into 28ft wide, and 75ft long into 150ft long, then clamp them to 10ft high pipe and drape over the trees. Works very well.
Robert F on Mar 26, 2018
Blueberries growing and producing great. Did not want to share as many with hungry birds.
P E on Nov 11, 2017
These nets keep my peaches, strawberries and raspberry safe from the dang birds.
SHERRY W on Aug 24, 2017
I didn't want to share the crop with the birds!
FRED R on Aug 17, 2017
Might help protect the plants from Jaws.
Patricia H on Apr 25, 2021
To keep the birds out of my blueberries
Mary Anne Y on Apr 4, 2021
A recommendation of covering pear and peach trees with bird netting posses a question with me. Won't fox squirrels eat holes through the netting?
William H on Feb 26, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It's a pretty tough material. Unless your squirrels have access to box cutters, I think you're okay. One thing about birds (and maybe squirrels, too) is if the netting is stretched directly over a ripe fruit, and there's any place for the bird to land or dive bomb, you may lose a few pieces because they can still bite through the netting and get chunks out through the holes. That being said, I would say I lost much less fruit than I did before netting the tree, and it was well worth the purchase price.
how strong is netting? Can cats get through it?
Chris on Jun 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi Chris, I have used this netting for.2 years now and so far nothing has got thru. The netting is very strong.
What to use to hold net in place over blueberries in a row?
Robert P on Jun 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: We have cherry trees but in a stiff breeze the net creeps out of place.
Tree is too large to tie net to trunk. We gather a little net and clip on
spring hand clamps that have some weight. It helps.
I have tried netting before but found birds caught in it. Is this a problem with BirdX? I love my wild birds.
Ena S on May 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: If you tie the netting to the bottom of the tree the birds should not be able to get caught. You could also use something on the netting to frighten the birds like metal ribbon.
Will birds get caught in net?
Diana E on Apr 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We used the net two years so far on cherry trees. The first year a young cardinal was trapped inside the tree, and the cat noticed the commotion. When the bird found its way out the bottom, the cat got it. But we have not noticed any birds tangled in the net itself.
Becky on Apr 29 2017
What size net do I need for a 12' to 15' tall apple tree?
Clara T on May 17, 2019
BEST ANSWER: For a semi-dwarf tree, you need the 28' x 28' size.
We have a peach tree that loses all of its fruit to blue jays, squirrels and tree rats. We also have a lot of very precious hummingbirds. Will the hummingbirds get caught in the net?
Shanna on Jul 22, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I tried the birdx net for my cherry trees just one season. I found it difficult covering a tree with a net, so this year I switched to a bird sound system that is supposed to scar the birds and keep them away, something a nearby professional orchard uses. This is considerably more expensive, but at least I no longer have to get up on a ladder for the net.

The Birdx net did work, and no birds got caught in it (we have very few hummingbirds and I've never seen any near my fruit trees). I simply did not like getting up on a ladder to put it up and take it off.

I hope this helps.
Do they protect against insects, i.e. borers?
Ricnick on Jun 30, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I do not know how big borers are. I use it to keep birds and rodents out. The holes are about one inch square.
Will this keep squirrels and/or racoons out of my pear trees?
Leon on May 26, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Probably not. It would depend on how well you fasten it. Coons are very crafty and I don't know much about squirrels. I bot my netting to keep birds from eating my blueberries. Hope that helped.
Can mice get through this or chew through it?
Whitney P on Apr 19, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I have not had that problem, but I use it in trees. The material it is made of looks to like a mouse would have no trouble chewing through. I haven't looked at it recently but believe they could probably squeeze through the mesh as well. If you want to keep mice out I suggest hardware cloth ( 1/2inch mesh wire).
what color is this, and will the mesh keep out white cabbage butterflies? Thanks
rwood on Jul 16, 2020

The color is black and the size of the squares is about 1" x 1" when it is
stretched out. We use it on a tall PVC hoop structure I built over a our
strawberry bed. The only problem with just letting this net float over
the top on the PVC tubing is that the wind move it around too much.
We had to buy the PVC clipons you can buy to keep the net in place.

We bought it to mostly keep the birds out of the strawberries We didn't
want to share the fruit. When the fruit starts to come on, out comes the
net. Works Great.

As far would it keep out the white cabbage butterflies ... maybe, if the
mesh size was smaller? But I'm not sure the 1" x 1" would do that
job? That is a pretty big hole. They would probably fly through?
If you didn't have to stretch it too much to cover, then it might work to
keep them out? My wife uses tulle to keep out the white butterflies
over our bok choy & broccoli plants.

When our strawberries are done fruiting for the season, we take off
the netting and fold & roll it back up for the next year. This year was the
2nd year we have used this netting.

Hope this helps. Probably more information than you wanted to hear.

Keith Dennis
Parker, CO
Does bird netting need to go to the ground?
Ray B on Mar 24, 2019
BEST ANSWER: It depends on the crop you're protecting and what birds you're trying to keep pout
I've had the best results with bringing the netting to the ground though. Birds will get under the net to get our cherries if the net's not down far enough. But with grapes it seems to work OK just being draped over the vines.
How is the tree version for not ensnaring birds?
TurnTo N on Jul 3, 2019
BEST ANSWER: You have to tie the bottom to the tree or limb. Some times they will work to
get in, but not often. I have not had one get ensnared to the exterior. This is
a good quality product.
Cardinals ate my grapes, is this netting good for grapevines?
Susan S on Mar 14, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes I believe the netting would keep the birds off the grapes. I use it around my blueberry patch with good results. However, I use support to keep the netting off the plants. Otherwise the birds would reach through net to devour grapes/berries.
Is there a bird netting with smaller holes?
Susanne T on Jun 20, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. At this time the 14x14 is the smallest we offer.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
Can this netting be cut to fit or will it fall apart?
Mrs. R on Jul 1, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It's meant to be cut to fit if you need to do so.
will this netting keep blue heron out of my fish pond?
jaycu on Jun 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: While we're sympathetic to your plight, we'd be concerned that the bird might get entangled in the netting. A more "organic" solution: use 30-pound fishing line strung across the area where the heron could land. You can string the line in parallel segments or in a crisscross pattern.
This year, squirrels ate my corn. Think this would keep them out next year?
Sunny B on Sep 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I don't know about corn but they are keeping them out of my apple trees this year. Bill J
What size should I use for a semi-dwarf cherry tree that I plan on ordering?
Kitty on Mar 25, 2020

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44 Reviews
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1 Star
BirdX netting
I have used several types of netting bought locally for our highbush blueberries. BirdX is the only one that is heavy enough and stiff enough to handle well, place and take down relatively easily, and re-use year after year. I recommend making a simple wood frame to make your own screen door for your blueberries, if you have a tall enclosure like we have that you can walk inside of.
May 11, 2016
over 6 years ago
bird netting
I love the netting, I use it on my garden to keep the deer out and I cover our chicken pen so hawks and foxes can't get in, it has worked wonderfully.
March 16, 2016
over 5 years ago
BirdX Garden Nets work
1) It takes more netting than you might think. 2) It takes more time than you can imagine-at least an hour per 10 foot tree. 3) Use plastic cable ties. 4)Thin your fruit trees before you put it up. 5) The good news is that they work. Not only are birds defeated but my real pests, large fox squirrels and small striped ground squirrels, have also been completely baffled by the nets. I have not lost a single apple, cherry or peach!!! They are well worth the time and money. Definitely recommend.
July 9, 2017
over 3 years ago
Bird x garden netting
I use this netting three times a year, first on my strawberries then just after harvest i move them too blueberries and then a month later onto my grapes. It is sturdy enough to hold up for at least three years even if not folded and stored properly. I just roll it up and stick it on a shelf until the next year. Highly recommend this product for the home garden.
May 23, 2016
over 6 years ago
My New BirdX
I got a 28x28 net for my fig bush at our lake house recently. Every year we get maybe 1 out of 20 figs that the birds have not pecked on. This year we put the net on about two weeks ago and not 1 fig has been touched by the birds. We will finally get to eat one of our favorite fruits Brown Turkish Figs. I can see that we will not have to share our crop. A friend helped me drape the net over the bush in about 20 minutes we were done. It was easy and inexpensive. I love it. THANK YOU!
April 16, 2016
over 5 years ago
Other use
I am using them to cover my pond to keep out the leaves
May 19, 2017
over 5 years ago
Put one on my strawberries and haven't had any more berries stolen or chewed on since. Barn cats have entertained themselves with it and it's held. No holes from the cats or wind. Highly recommend.
July 19, 2017
over 4 years ago
Great Product. Doubled my Blueberry harvest!
The product did not tear as I was putting it up even when it would get caught on a bush or fence, nor did it tear leaves or break branches. In hind sight I would mark the corners with colored twist ties or string to make it easier to set in place. I used a coated cable strung up between two trees and used twist ties to cinch it to the fence encircling my row of bushes to make a tent (or a "reverse aviary" according to my daughters.) This made it easier to harvest the berries from the inside. I recently purchased more BirdX netting for my young cherry trees as I only harvested a half-dozen from the several dozen that were ripening. I can't wait for an improved harvest for next year! Highly recommend the Bird netting for any gardener who doesn't want their crop to be a part of the local ecosystem!
June 25, 2016
over 4 years ago
Success at last
Tried many things to foil a pesky rabbit eating a newly planted urine, have a heart trap, moth balls, ornamental fencing. All failures until I mounted the Stark net. That
April 19, 2017
over 4 years ago
Bird-x netting
Saved my blueberries. The birds were already taking green berries. I appreciated the quick response by Stark Bros. Got it a day earlier than predicted. Don't like to use netting as it hampers the picking, but it was needed. I actually ordered a bigger netting to save money and cut it into sizes i needed.
July 13, 2016
over 4 years ago