Jobe's® Organic Blood Meal Plant Food

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Elevate your gardening game with Jobe’s® Organic Blood Meal Plant Food, a versatile and effective way to nurture your plants and enhance your soil. This remarkable formula is more than just a deer repellent; it’s a powerhouse of organic nitrogen that promotes robust vegetative growth and enriches your composting efforts.

Our blood meal plant food isn’t just for show; it’s a natural deterrent for moles, rabbits, and deer. However, be aware that it might attract carnivores like dogs and raccoons. To minimize this, we recommend working it into the soil dry or dissolving it in water before application.

What makes this product even more versatile is its ability to cater to the needs of acid-loving plants. Its acidifying nature makes it a perfect choice for plants that thrive in lower pH environments.

While our Organic Blood Meal Plant Food offers incredible benefits, we advise against using it on peas, beans, legumes, or tender seedlings, as it can cause burning. For the best results, always follow the application guidelines provided.

Before using any plant food, we encourage you to conduct a soil test to determine your garden’s specific needs. Soil testing, along with tissue analysis, ensures you’re providing the right nutrients in the right quantities. Remember, healthy plants begin with healthy soil.

Choose Jobe’s® Organic Blood Meal Plant Food, a trusted choice for gardeners who seek vibrant, lush foliage and robust growth while nurturing the balance of their unique ecosystems.

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