American Persimmon Trees

American Persimmon Trees Buyer's Guide

American persimmon trees (Diospyros virginiana) reliably bear crops of medium-sized, rich-tasting fruit. Native to North America, these trees more cold-hardy than their Asian counterparts making them perfect for northern growers! American persimmon trees are also much taller at maturity. Ripe American persimmon fruit typically falls to the ground around the tree when it is time to harvest, usually in September. Unripe fruit tends to have a more astringent flavor. Most ripe American persimmons are used in delectable jams and jellies, but they are a delightfully-nutritious treat when eaten fresh as well — an excellent source of Vitamin C. These trees make wonderful additions to the home landscape with their showy fall colors and also make a great choice if your goal is to attract or feed wildlife.
Note: Our persimmon trees are grown in EZ Start® pots, which allow the roots to self-air prune and redirect energy to producing a dense mass of feeder roots. The main tap root will begin forming once planted in its permanent location, and will fully develop over the next 2-3 years.