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Asian Persimmon Trees

Originating in China before being introduced to the United States by Japan in the 1800s, Asian persimmon trees (Diospyros kaki) are unique landscape-additions. Comparatively smaller trees, taking up less space than their American counterparts, Asian persimmon trees are also more well-suited to growing in the south. The fruit can range from small to medium-large, depending on variety, and can be cone-shaped or round and squat like a tomato. Although the fruit can be found in specialty grocery stores, the trees and the fruit are easy to grow right at home. Enjoy the culinary flexibility of Asian persimmons in breads, pies, jams, and even sliced in salads. Ripe fruit tends to have very few seeds and most can be eaten fresh even when firm, without the pucker, but some varieties of Asian persimmon are astringent until well-ripe.

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