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Heirloom Apple Trees

Also called heritage apple trees, antique apple trees

Gone are the days when “anyone who was anyone” had an apple orchard that boasted an impressive array of unique and diverse trees. As the growing, transporting and selling of apples became mainstream in America, only a handful of varieties were chosen for mass production. Most of the distinct varieties were tossed to the wayside.

In an effort to bring back these apples of old, we offer these heirloom, or antique, apple trees. Classic beauties such as the reliable Ben Davis are now available to home growers. The delicious cider from Orleans Antique can again be enjoyed, and ye ol' English Cox’s Orange Pippin Antique is once again in Grandma’s sauces and pies. Bring a bit of the past to your home orchard and grow an heirloom apple tree!

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