Heirloom Peach Trees

Heirloom Peach Trees Buyer's Guide

Also called antique peach trees, heritage peach trees

People have enjoyed the lush, spreading canopies of peach trees for decades and, in some cases, centuries. Here you’ll find a selection of our favorite heirloom peach trees — timeless varieties that are still popular, like our Stark® Hal-Berta Giant™ peach, the first fruit tree to receive a plant patent; the Redhaven peach, whose ripening date is the standard by which other peach cultivars are judged; and the Elberta peach, to which Georgia (along with the introduction of refrigerated railroad transportation) can attribute its initial peach industry success. It’s no surprise that these antique peach trees have been grown in backyards and commercial peach orchards alike, since their fruit exhibits desirable qualities like fine texture and flavor which have pleased our palates since their cultivation. Picked at their peak, peaches from homegrown heirloom peach trees are a sweet throwback to the good old days.