Honeycrisp Crosses

Honeycrisp Crosses Buyer's Guide

Stark Bro’s customers, Lee and Mary Elliott of Winchester, IL, sell fresh fruit from their orchard at local farmers' markets. Each year, they would observe how popular the Honeycrisp apples are – routinely outselling all other apple varieties – and their challenge would be keeping up with demand. After all, it’s not the easiest apple to grow on a large scale. Then, an idea planted itself and inspiration blossomed.

The plan was to take Honeycrisp and breed it with other excellent apples to grow into new and improved strains. The goal was to raise new apples with the sensational eating experience of Honeycrisp, from trees with more versatility and ease of growing. After years of planting seeds, growing trees, and observing their development and fruit production, the Elliotts hand-picked a few of their best new apple varieties, shared them with us, and now we are pleased to introduce them to you. Meet our Honeycrisp Crosses!