McIntosh Apple Trees

McIntosh Apple Trees Buyer's Guide

The original McIntosh apple tree, sometimes spelled MacIntosh, was named for its discoverer, John McIntosh, who found this variety on his Canadian farm in 1811. The fruit was attractive, featuring red and green skin surrounding snow-white flesh. The tart taste was outstanding and, before long, the variety was grafted and distributed commercially. The unique “Mac” flavor can still be distinguished in the offspring of McIntosh, like Cortland, Empire, and Enterprise apples.

Over the years, apple breeders have discovered natural variations of the McIntosh apple. These include trees whose fruit have a desirable, redder, appearance and trees with a spur-type fruiting habit. Spur-type apple trees, like our exclusive Starkspur® UltraMac™, produce more of the same flavorful fruit on one tree, since the fruiting spurs develop all down the limb rather than just at the tips. With its exceptional cold-hardiness, a McIntosh apple tree is a must-have for new apple growers and experts alike.