Reblooming Lilacs

Reblooming Lilacs Buyer's Guide

Also called everblooming lilacs

You can enjoy the unmatched beauty and sweet scent of lilacs all season long with reblooming lilac plants. Because most lilac blossoms are so short-lived (lasting only a few weeks in spring), these varieties were specially bred to bloom repeatedly throughout the summer. With adequate moisture and good conditions, some will continue to blossom from late spring until first frost.

These lilac bushes are vigorous and cold-hardy, so they can thrive with very little maintenance. Their gorgeous foliage and clusters of colorful, fragrant flowers make them stunning ornamental additions to any garden. They can mature to be 6' tall and 5' wide, so planting multiples is a perfect way to create a lovely border or hedge. Lilacs are also magnets for butterflies, bringing even more natural beauty to your landscape.