Semi-Dwarf Cherry Trees

Semi-Dwarf Cherry Trees Buyer's Guide

If you don’t have space for a full-size cherry tree, but you still want big crops of tasty home-grown cherries, then you’ll love semi-dwarf cherry trees. Semi-dwarf sweet cherry trees reach 15- to 18-feet tall and wide when they mature and they can be kept at an easy-to-manage height with selective pruning. Semi-dwarf sour cherry trees are more compact, reaching 12- to 15-feet tall and wide at maturity. Semi-dwarf cherry trees generally yield about twice as much fruit as their dwarf counterparts. When these trees are bearing fruit, take advantage of garden netting to help keep birds and other critters away from your alluring bounty. And the best part is, when you grow a semi-dwarf cherry tree, a good majority of fruit is within arm’s reach — just waiting to be picked.