Standard Plum Trees

Standard Plum Trees Buyer's Guide

When you grow standard-size plum trees, prepare to harvest a bounty of tasty, nutritious plums — whether you prefer European varieties, whose fruits are oblong and commonly used to make prunes, or Japanese varieties which bear the familiar round fruit found in most grocery stores. Both types of standard plum tree grow to be about 18- to 20-feet tall and wide at maturity, and require around 18-20 feet of space between trees. Depending on variety and location, standard European plum trees yield about one to two bushels of fresh fruit, and standard Japanese plum trees yield about five to six bushels. And, these large-size trees double as an attractive shade tree in the landscape for a cool escape during those warm summer months. Be sure not to plant where they will shade out your other sun-loving plants, and you’ll enjoy standard plum trees in your yard for decades!