Tomato Seeds

Tomato Seeds Buyer's Guide

Heirloom tomatoes are incomparably delicious and so visually striking ... and thank goodness, they are making a big comeback. Heirloom varieties are the best tomatoes you can put on your table, or can for your pantry. You may remember them from your childhood, before so-called “hothouse” tomatoes appeared at your local supermarket. If you haven’t sampled a fresh, ripe heirloom tomato, you are missing something very special.

We offer a nice variety of non-GMO, untreated heirloom tomato seeds, in a rainbow of colors, sizes and flavors. There’s a tomato for every taste, whether you like them sugary-sweet or tart and acidic. Once you grow them yourself, you’ll never go back. Save money and eat better! Browse our tomato seed collection to get started.