How To Get Rid of the Rednecked Cane Borer

The rednecked cane borer is a destructive pest that attacks various types of plants, including blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry plants. It is a type of beetle that lays its eggs in the stems of these plants, and the larvae bore into the stems, causing extensive damage. If you have noticed signs of the rednecked cane borer on your plants, here are some steps you can take to get rid of them:

  1. Identify the signs of the rednecked cane borer: The first step in getting rid of the rednecked cane borer is to identify the signs of its presence. Look for wilted, dead or dying branches, and stems that have holes or tunnels in them. You may also see sawdust-like frass at the base of the plant.
  2.  Look for Adults mate and females on the plants. Typically eggs are laided on the bark of stems usually near a leaf. When the eggs hatch the boring beetle grub chews directly into the cane and tunnels in a spiral fashion around the cane. This causes a swelling in the canes 1 to 3 inches long. From there, the grub will tunnel up the cane, causing more damage.
  3. Prune affected branches: Once you have identified the affected branches or stems, prune them off the plant as soon as possible. Make sure to cut at least six inches below the affected area and dispose of the pruned branches properly.
  4. Monitor the plant: Keep a close eye on the plant for any signs of new infestations. Check for any new holes or tunnels in the stems or branches, and look for any wilted or dying foliage. Repeat the pruning and insecticide application process as needed.
  5. Maintain plant health: Maintaining the health of your plants is essential in preventing infestations. Make sure to water the plants properly, fertilize them regularly, and remove any dead or diseased plant material promptly..
  6. If damage and infestation persists, applying approved insecticides may be needed. Follow all manufacturer applications rates and wear suggested personal protective gear. 
Rednecked Cane Borer
Cane Swelling
Cane Pruning

In conclusion, getting rid of the rednecked cane borer requires a combination of pruning, insecticide application, and proper plant maintenance. By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively control this destructive pest and prevent further damage to your plants.