Laura Ingalls Wilder & Stark Bro's Connected History

Stark Bro's & Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of the beloved Little House on the Prairie book series, have a 100+ year-old connected history.

Our connection began when Almanzo & Laura purchased a property in Southern Missouri with an existing lien that was placed for the 1,000 Stark Bro's apple trees on the property, many of which were planted in nursery rows. The trees went on to flourish in their care and were mentioned on numerous occasions in the books.

Now a century later we visited the Rocky Ridge farm, in Mansfield, MO. After touring the beautiful property we planted Ben Davis Apple trees, the same variety that Almanzo once cared for himself. We even planted in the same manner, with wood ash.

Be sure to check on the trees for us at your next visit to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum.

Watch and learn how Almanzo and Laura kept their apple orchard thriving so long ago, and see what simple but effective methods we can still use today!

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