Suburban Backyard Garden Tour

Many gardeners may feel limited and intimidated by their space. Whether you're working with a blank canvas or wanting to add to the existing structures in your yard, there are a lot of factors to consider. We've found that simply observing what others do is a helpful starting point!

Matt, a 10-year employee of Stark Bro's and gardener, shows us around his suburban backyard. You'll see how he's utilized his space for fruits, vegetables, and composting - with room to spare.

0:07 - Compost Bin
0:35 - Elderberry Plants
1:16 - Food Forest Corner
1:23 - Bare-Root Starking Hardy Giant Asian Pear
1:45 - Pollinator Partner Bartlett Pear
1:52 - Red Hinnonmaki Gooseberry Plants
2:30 - Montmorency Cherry Tree
2:55 - Comfrey - Permaculture Plant
4:03 - Blackberries
4:45 - Strawberries
5:36 - Vegetable Garden
5:50 - Onion Plants
7:10 - Potatoes
8:20 - Garlic
8:55 - June Bearing Strawberry Patch
9:20 - Raspberries
9:45 - Asparagus
10:10 - Blueberry Plants
10:32 - Anne Yellow Raspberries
11:30 - Redhaven Peach Tree
11:48 - Halls Hardy Almond Tree
12:10 - Neem Oil
12:15 - Mature Liberty Apple Tree
12:30 - Orchard Side of the House
12:40 - Grape Vines

After being inspired, here are 5 questions to help spur you on to find what you should grow:

Five Questions to Help You Start Growing Fruit

  1. What does your family enjoy, and what do you regularly buy at the grocery store?
  2. What will grow well in your area/soil type?
  3. What type of space do you have available to plant, and how much sun does each area get?
  4. Are there any underground or overhead wires to contend with?
  5. Have you considered adding fruit trees and plants to your landscape?