Lilacs Buyer's Guide

The sight and smell of lilacs in bloom is an experience you won’t want to miss! Lilac bushes come in a many different shapes and sizes. They usually have dark green foliage, and their blossoms range from purple to white — and many colors in between. You can plant several in a row to create an attractive border, hedge or natural windbreak. Most attract an array of wildlife like bees and butterflies, bringing even more beauty to your space. Some varieties are even reblooming so you can enjoy the sight and scent of lilacs even longer. Lilac plants can thrive in a wide range of climates, but their cold hardiness makes them especially well suited for northern gardens. Grow your own lilacs and grace your landscape with beauty and fragrance.

To ensure your growing success and satisfaction, there are a few things to consider when you buy a lilac plant.

Zone Compatibility

Your climate plays an important role in whether a lilac plant will be successful. Before ordering a lilac, make sure its recommended hardiness zone range includes your area.

Mature Size

Lilacs come in a range of sizes, from 4 to 12 feet tall and wide. So be sure to look at the mature size of the individual varieties to make sure you pick the right size lilac for your available space.