Stark® Wooden Wall Hanging

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Authentic historical reproduction. We came upon this lovely old piece of Americana quite by accident, and couldn’t wait to have some local artisans re-create G. H.’s sign to preserve a time in history and evoke a bit of nostalgia. Crafted from rustic wood, then hand-distressed, our wall hanging will add character to any kitchen or casual room, if only to remind you of old ways and old days. A wonderfully unique gardener’s gift; no two pieces are the same. Handmade, 39-1/4”L X 26”H.

The story: Good old G. H… there are just some people who were born to be in the spotlight. G. H. Green, a storyteller and a grandpa and an apple grower since his grandpa, was a salesman to his very core (you’ll pardon the pun). He loved making a living selling people what they needed, and he did a fine job of it. Didn’t take long for G. H. to find a way to combine his love of growing fruit trees with his remarkable salesmanship: he went to work for Stark Bro’s, traveling around Ohio, selling fruit trees to homeowners and landowners and farmers. He became something of a legend in that midwest state, and somebody thought enough of old G. H. to make a sign and put it out by the road, letting all passersby know who sold these fine trees. This gesture (which was surely the genesis of social media) caught on, and soon the Stark Bro’s bear logo and G. H. Green’s name dotted the Buckeye landscape. There’s probably a couple of old signs still standing out there, if you look hard enough.

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