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Pickling foods includes the use of significant quantities of vinegar, which raises the acidity level high enough to safely prevent bacteria growth. Un-pickled fruits (like tomatoes) need high acidity, too; lemon juice is usually prescribed, but that can often change the flavor of your prized “love apples.” The reason you grow them is for their treasured taste; so how do you can them without ruining their essence?

The solution: citric acid. Ball® offers an easy-to-use, trusted alternative that perfectly lowers the pH to the proper level without changing the flavor. Citric acid is recommended by the USDA in 90% of its tomato-canning recipes, and that’s good enough for us. Just measure according to package directions and add it right to the jar.

7.5 oz. container is enough to can 77 quarts. Also suitable for cheese-making.

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